How To Manage an Emergency Call – Art W2ALW

We are entering BRUSH FIRE season again. As communicators, we may receive an emergency call for help at any time for any reason! First and foremost, if you do receive a call, try to keep the caller calm and maintain control of the call.

Required Information:

  • Location of Incident: Town, Street, Street Name and Name of Nearest Street Intersection
  • Contact Information: Name and Phone Number (check your phone’s Caller Id also)

Optional But Helpful Information:

  • Ask caller if they observe people, buildings, vehicles, obstructions, dangers in or near the scene
  • Ask called if they will remain on scene until Emergency Services arrive

Contacting The Dispatcher:

  • Be sure the information you report is as accurate as possible
  • Keep your report simple and direct
  • Provide your phone number to the dispatcher in case more information is requested
  • Remember to: Print Out The List of Emergency Numbers from the ACT site
    • Place copies in you home, ham shack and the glove box of each of your vehicles

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