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Amateur Radio Communications Team Logo ExportACT is now an ARRL affiliated Amateur Radio club.

ACT was formed to augment communications provided by Suffolk County Communication Systems. ACT is a group of Amateur Radio operators with a common interest in serving out local communities.

ACT is not a formal organization and does not operate under the auspices of any Local, Town, County, State or Federal Organization. All ACT members are part of a single self-determined team and are of equal importance.  ACT members are self-activated as we deem necessary.

ACT is activated to provide communications during local man-made and natural disasters, local situations including missing persons, wildfires and major accidents the local area.

The ACT Team meets every Tuesday at 20:00 hours (8 PM) on the K2BNL Repeater System located in Upton, NY. Check-in’s are logged, events are discussed followed by an informal round table.

Please join us. The K2BNL Repeater System is open to all Amateur Radio operators whether or not you are interested in joining our group.

In the event that theK2BNL Repeater System is busy for any reason, please switch to the Auxiliary Repeater System listed below. 

Primary Repeater System – K2BNL 70cm Repeater – 442.400 + 5 PL 114.8
Secondary Repeater – W2DQ 145.210 –  PL 136.5
Backup System – W2OFD 70cm Repeater – 444.850 + 5 PL 123.0
We also run a Team messaging system and Zello channel.

Interested? Why not fill out our ACT Membership Form?

Need more information? Email The Team

Emergency Phone: 631-861-4560
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 616
Ridge NY 11961

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