ACT Meeting Consensus Poll


In my opinion, discussing ideas on the air during our round table is great and encouraged and the purpose of the round table. However, coming to a consensus can be a bit confusing and difficult.

In an effort to keep things rolling along, as many of you may remember, Tony KC2VZG and I were working toward securing a meeting site from Commissioner Gonnelly of the Medford Fire District.

We had drafted a letter but I believe it was never finalized. Since Tony knows the Commissioner personally but has become ill, his idea of handing the letter to the Commissioner has not taken place. So at this time we are still without a solution to a “more permanent” meeting place.

I approached the Grace Lutheran Church some time ago as an alternative, however the request was already posed to the Church BOD and ACT was turned down due to the lack of liability insurance.

Please respond to this poll to help us move things along in a positive direction until we can find a more permanent place to meet.

I do like Vinny KC2WPP’s suggestion of skipping a net and using the time to meet.

Please feel free to email me if you have other ideas to share.

Thanks for taking time time to respond to the poll.