A Thank You From Gil KC2WCB

From The Desk Of Gil KC2WCB

I would like to thank Joe and the others for the fast response to the car accident I had last morning Monday.

Suffolk County Police took only 7 minutes response then 2 minutes later 2 more patrol cars and an ambulance. By the time of the accident I was with breathing problems due to the either hit to the steer wheel or seat belt, I also slammed my head to the drivers door. Once I was inside the ambulance I had a EKG, then I was transported to Brookhaven ER. Now I’m resting at home and really proud of all of you guys.

Act Team works!!!!!! But the sad part of the story is how did We test the team! Vinny went to the ER to check on me. I’ll be back on track pretty soon, my truck is out of commission at this point; but the pick up truck is up and running!!!! If We need it. Thanks again to all and 73’s.Please I’m sorry for any grammar mistake.

Gilberto Peren

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