Nets To Meet Weekly Now


Joe has decided to hold a quick check-in weekly followed by a round table discussion every Thursday evening at 20:00 hours on the W2DQ 2 meter repeater system.

Note that every 4th Net will be a full discussion net. The next full discussion net will be held on Thursday February 19th at 20:00 hours.

As a reminder, if the 2 Meter W2DQ repeater is in use please QSY to the W2DQ 70cm repeater. 



ACT Meets Facebook

Joe tells me that he had a landline conversation with Jim KB2UDD and another Ham from Indianapolis yesterday evening.
 Jim is a friend and fellow Ham  originally from Brookhaven Hamlet.
 Jim moved to Indy some years ago..
 Jim gave an ACT presentation to his ARES group and they are going to create an ACT Team in the Indianapolis area.  ARES / RACES is taken very seriously in the Indy area.
In response to the news about the Team Indy,  i have created a Joint Team Facebook Group and have given Jim admin access.
The FB group is less than 24 hours old so there is not much to it right now.