KD2AEL’s New Orleans Experience

Zello At Work

Zello At Work

Hello everyone for those of you who did not know I spent the week of my Spring Break in New Orleans on a mission trip to help with Katrina Relief work.

It was a great experience and crazy that it was 10 years ago and there is still much devastation there. We had done some amazing work on helping rebuild homes and clearing out debris in fields. Also help restore a couple of churches by doing re-flooring and repainting the inside of the church.

Among all our hard work we got some free time to head into the city of New Orleans. I was on Bourbon Street when I saw a bike taxi go past and he was talking on his cellphone and it sounded like when he was done talking I heard the Zello roger drop tone.

So I being curious George, paid to take one of them bike taxis down the road to see if they were actually really using Zello on cellphones as there way of communications.

I heard the tone again , I asked the man driving the bike what do you guys use to communicate between the company and all the other bike taxis he said we use these phones with a radio app on it and we can talk to all other taxi’s and the main dispatching station which uses actual radios. I asked to take a look at the app and he said sure thing I looked at it and long be hold it was Zello @ Work.

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