ACT Team Muti-Faceted Drill, November 21st

this is a drill - plan prepare practice


The Amateur Radio Communications Team staged a multi-faceted drill on November 21st. The drill included a thunderstorm Super Cell with 60 MPH winds, an area power outage, a downed aircraft and motor vehicle accident with personal injuries.

There were 13 check-ins including 2 non-members.


Roles and Responsibilities:
KB2HRB Tony – Central Dispatch – Communications Officer on backup power, no phone access
W2OFD Joe – Emergency Coordinator – established Mobile Command Post, responded to auto accident scene
Samatha R. and Cheyeanne R. – stationed at Mobile Command Post to administer first aid if needed
W2ALW ART Unit 1 – patrolled outer section of west side, responded to auto accident scene
KE2YK Gary Unit 2 – patrolled inner section of west side, found victim and downed plane 100 feet inside park
N2TBC Gary Unit 3 – patrolled north side of area
KD2FEL Renee Unit 4 – patrolled east side of area, dispatched to notify EMS of scene
KD2JMQ Tom Unit 5 – patrolled middle section of west side and manned the EC comm radio
KD2IKF Max Unit 6 – checked in but lost communications with dispatch
KD2DZY John Unit 7 – dispatched to notify airport, fire department and local police of incident
KD2GMD John – checked in
KC2COL Bill –  SKYWARN spotter

Drill Activities:
Dispatch on backup power, unable to raise police, fire or EMS due to power outage.
Dispatch contacts N2XII in Poughkeepsie, NY by HF radio.
Dispatch requests N2XII, a state trooper to contact his HQ to inform local state police of incident.
Dispatch sends ACT Team units to locations previously noted to commence search.
Unit 2 finds dazed man walking around in park 100 feet in off road.
Unit 2 reports smell of fuel, requests ambulance to scene.
Unit 4 dispatched to EMS to request assistance.
Unit 1 reports landfill personnel noticed single engine plane in distress heading in easterly direction.
Unit 2 reports EMS on scene, aircraft spotted, fuselage intact, wings broken off and emitting fuel.
Dispatch updates state police about fuel spill via HF radio.
State police reports DEC is dispatched to scene.
EC reports moving command post to crash scene.
Unit 7 dispatched to fire department to request their presence at crash scene.
EC reports that state police have arrived.
Dispatch advises EC to turn scene over to police.
Unit 2 reports pilot performed emergency procedures with aircraft prior to  crash.
Unit 2 reports fire department has arrived on scene.
Dispatch requests ACT units to stand down and return to home of EC for debriefing.
EC reports major motor vehicle accident en-route to home location.
EC reports life threatening injures at auto accident scene.
Unit 1 reports managing traffic flow near auto accident scene, requests police presence.
Dispatch breaks into police and fire frequencies due to life threatening injuries.
Unit 4 responds to auto accident scene, reports child involved.
Dispatch advises Unit 4 to turn child over to EMS upon their arrival.
EC reports EMS, state police have arrived at scene.
Unit 7 dispatched to local precinct to inform desk Sargent of auto accident and sets up comms.
Dispatch reports power back up at his location.
Dispatch releases Amateur Communications Team from scene.
Team meets and EC home location for debriefing.