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ACT Team Meeting Minutes 7-3-15

ACT Team Meeting – Moriches Bay Diner – 7/3/15
Meeting commenced at 7 PM.
Attendees: John KD2DZY, Ken KD2DZZ, Gary N2TBC, Tony KB2HRB, Art W2ALW, Gary KE2YK.
Old Business:
  • Gary YK brought team up to date with info about meeting with CERT on June 17th.
  • Gary TBC, Ken DZZ and I attended Division 5 CERT meeting at the Yaphank Presbyterian Church Building in Yaphank.
  • There were about 20 CERT members in attendance.
  • The Team leader ran a 20 minute video which I had supplied that covered the broad spectrum of Amateur Radio as a hobby and a service.
  • Once aspect of the video which is well covered is emergency communications.
  • Gary, Ken and I then spoke about getting licensed and fielded their questions. 
  • Gary YK also spoke about the meeting Ken and Gary yk had with Marian Russo of the Patchogue COAD group.
  • Marian seemed very interested in what Ken and I had to say and we talked at length about how ACT could provide their group with communications.
  • Ken mentioned the availability of the Medford FD trailer to Marian. 
  • Marian mentioned that she has access to funds for those types of procurements,
  • Marian mentioned that she has access to Briacliff college after I spoke about our need for meeting / training space.
New Business:
  • The Team spoke about the next drill and tossed around the idea of coupling the next drill with COAD as a drill / demo in Patchogue town.
  • John and Tony spoke about getting connected with the local Park Police.
  • Gary and I are going to work out the details of the ACT business cards. That issue got dropped some time ago.
  • Ken mentioned providing a spot on the ACT page to list our drills and what events the Team has responded to.
  • Ken and I spoke about updating the info on the tri-fold Ken has developed.
  • Gary YK is going to follow up with the CERT and COAD groups, brochures and business cards.
  • Tony is going to follow up with the Park Police.
  • Since ACT has been turned down st the church and Medford FD due to the lack of liability insurance. perhaps the group should investigate a liability policy.
We all agreed that our Team needs to reach out to other groups like COAD to make others aware of ACT.
The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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