Final Response To Joe AC2ND’s Inquiry About ACT (Revised)

Joe replied:

Thanks for the detailed explanation.  It reminds me of the REACT (Radio Emergency Action Civics team) from the 1970’s.  I was in the group in Nassau County when I was a teen.  It predated cellphones was an “eyes and ears” organization.

My Response To Joe: (slightly enhanced and corrected) Yes I remember react. It was another very active group way ahead of its time. Out here in Suffolk it was very busy and paticipated many events.

I spent many years in Brookhaven ARES/RACES. Spent many hours shadowing shelter managers, using the .82 repeater to help with coordination during the Suffolk County wildfires and Hurricane Gloria, attended special events and rebuilt equipment in EOC.

Recently, I asked to be removed from Brookhaven ARES because I don’t care for the current politics. From what I understand, those in charge of Town communications basically ignore ARES. As I understand from a reliable source, Brookhaven ARES is not activated because paid Town employees cover communications.

Self activation gets the job done…

Regards, Gary

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