Team Holds Missing Child Drill – 4/18/15

Missing Child Image

A Missing Child Photo From Web

The Amateur Communications Team held an on the air missing child drill on 4/18/15. The drill commenced on 10:15 AM. The drill was made up of a 5 year old with blue eyes and blonde hair lost in Southhaven County Park.

The drill simulated that the ACT Team was working in conjunction with the Suffolk County Park Police and the Bellport Community Group. The ACT command center was located at the entrance to the park. Art W2ALW acted as net control.

11 Team members responded and manned various locations within the park. The Team members were, Gary KE2YK, Joe W2OFD, Art W2ALW, Vinny KC2WPP, John KD2DZY, Ken KD2DZZ, Gary N2TBC, John KD2GIK, Gil KC2CWB, Tony KC2VZG and Cheyanne R.

Tony KC2VZG’s Bellport Community Group assisted by manning the outside perimeter of the park.

Gil KC2WCB was asked to report to the ACT command center with his portable repeater as a backup. However it was not needed. It was suggested that the Team run additional tests with the portable repeater from various locations within our area to insure reasonable coverage.

The child was found sleeping in the area of the Park’s Steamer Trains at 10:25 AM. All team members were then asked to report to the command center for debriefing.

The drill was monitored by a Professional Emergency Communications Expert and a review will be forthcoming. Lets use the review to improve our procedures going forward.

I’d like to thank Art W2ALW for running the net and to Joe W2OFD for setting up the drill. I’d also like to thank Tony KC2VZG for having the Bellport Community Group at our disposal.

The drill was secured by net control at 10:33 hours and the W2DQ repeater was returned to normal Amateur Radio communications.