More on Jamming in Metro New York – Help Me Help You

Good Morning –

To those of you who are reporting jamming using the format found at

You have my profound thanks for your ongoing help.

To those who are still writing me to tell me that I am “wasting my
time,” “nothing will be done by the FCC,” “you’re going about
this all wrong since no one cares,” “we’ve done this before,”
etc., etc., etc.  This is addressed to you.

I cannot help you if you do not help me in this endeavor.  Which
reminds me of the marching orders from when we were young – – – if
you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

One of the byproducts of all the work we’ve been doing in Washington
for the Parity Act is that we’ve been developing a brand.  That has
allowed us to seek help from legislators who have been informed of the
effect of the FCC scale-down in enforcement on licensed radio services.
The resulting letter from Rep. King to FCC Chairman Wheeler has had
some effect.  To that end we are addressing the current effort to
provide the same information that we have been providing for over the
past decade all over again.

You’re angry?  So am I.  You’re frustrated?  So am I.  You think
it’s hopeless?  I DON’T!

You’ve asked me to help do something to curb the jamming.  This is
it.  So please stop complaining to me and start assisting me.  Help me
to help you.  Stop whining to me and help me do something about

There are reasons for the way in which we are collecting the data in
this manner.  “Helpful” suggestions as to how to do this
differently are really not helpful at this time.

I guarantee you that if we don’t put this information together now,
(yes, once again) this effort will fail and we’ll only have ourselves
to blame.  And I won’t be able to do anything about it.

So, to borrow once again from popular slogans – – – if you hear
something, say something.

To all; please do not assume that someone else will be filing the
information of an incident.  If many people send in the same
notification for the same incident, that’s great!  EVERYONE NEEDS TO
BE INVOLVED at all times. Repeater owners, trustees, and users.

WE NEED TO SHOW THE OVERALL PICTURE.  One incident report is not
enough.  We need to show the overall effect of the jamming so that the
powers that be can see the issue on a grand scale.

Again, we need everybody at all times so that we can illustrate what is
happening to all the licensed radio services in metropolitan New York.

One report is not enough.  We need hundreds.  Thousands.